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The Science of Cognito

Your brain is physically changing everyday. Just like a muscle, the more you use certain brain functions the stronger they become.

The games in Cognito are designed to engage and enhance five core cognitive functions: memory, focus, speed, adaptability, and reasoning. These functions are fundamental cognitive building blocks, scientifically validated to be enhanced by training and practice.

Train your brain with Cognito's personalized missions to stay sharp and ready for action everyday.

About Us

We are a growing team bringing together expertise from neuroscience, gaming, mobile development, music and advertising. Our mission is to help people enhance and understand their personal growth while having fun doing it.

Vamsee Nalamothu

CEO & Cofounder

Zynga, eBay, PayPal, Yodlee,
Rutgers University

Stephanie Greer, PhD

Head of Neuroscience

NIH Research Award Fellow
Knutson Lab Stanford University,
UC Berkeley (PhD, Neuroscience),
Brown University (BS, Cognitive Neuroscience & Computer Science)

William Lane

Data Scientist

Bayes Impact,
Stanford University,
Columbia University

Chris Laquer

Head of Marketing & Content

San Francisco Symphony,
Praetorian Group Web Publishing,
Brown University (BA, Linguistics)

Mayank Sanganeria

Software Engineer

Apple, Founder of Jamsnap,
ScreenshotApp, GrainProc,
Stanford University, IIT Bombay

Ravi Kondapalli

Software Engineer

Solstice Mobile, Dolby Labs,
Stanford University

Timothy So

Software Engineer

Zynga, Aspera (IBM),
Santa Clara University

Sterling Radcliff

Software Engineer

General Assembly

E Atchley

UX/UI Designer

Elementum, CEO of the Pride Pages, Intel,
Wells Fargo, Charlotte Russe
Academy of Art University, Webster University